Petabyte technology is a recognised business Intelligence Consulting firm providing a wide array of services. We partner with top IT industries and specializes in all aspects of Business Intelligence from Data Warehousing, Analytics, Reporting, and Performance Scorecards. Organizations today have more data than they know what to do with. However, data is only as good as the business intelligence systems they use to interpret that data, otherwise it’s just excessive noise. We help our clients filter out that noise with custom business intelligence solutions and implementation.


Petabyte technology is a recognised business Intelligence Consulting firm providing a wide array of services. We partner with top IT industries and specializes in all aspects of Business Intelligence from Data Warehousing, Analytics, Reporting, and Performance Scorecards. Organizations today have more data than they know what to do with. However, data is only as good as the business intelligence systems they use to interpret that data, otherwise it’s just excessive noise. We help our clients filter out that noise with custom business intelligence solutions and implementation.


Cybersecurity is a persistent and increasing business risk for organizations of all shapes and sizes, from the largest national governments to the smallest local businesses. Our services include:

  • To understand, identify and address your cybersecurity risks
  • To teach members of your organization to think like cybersecurity experts
  • To achieve your company’s specific compliance goals

Petabyte Technology Cybersecurity Service helps governments and companies develop clear, robust cyber and information security strategies and plans. The service can also help plan and implement the strategies on both management and technology levels. we offer holistic capabilities while maximizing your investment.


Petabyte Technology ICT Infrastructure Consulting Service harnesses the expertise of our services and new technology to design ICT architecture, recommend technology solutions, and offer best practices to keep you running smoothly and efficiently. Services are offered to manage all converged ICT Infrastructure and operations on a daily basis in order to ensure the availability of systems to support the company or City’s delivery objectives, among them are:

  • Network Management – WAN, LAN, Telecommunications, Radio and wireless planning, sourcing and support.
  • Data Centre Support – ICT data Centre management and support.
  • ICT Service Delivery Support – management of ICT contracts and assets, service desk management and ICT regional support.


Petabyte Technologies Smart City Architecture Planning Consulting Service works with local and national governments to develop Smart City master plans tailored to the specific needs of cities and the individual government departments within them. Based on an overall perspective, regional characteristics, location, functional requirements, and development strategy, the service develops a model architectural vision and applies it to:

  • Business architecture
  • Data architecture
  • Application architecture
  • Technical architecture
  • Integration architecture
  • Cybersecurity architecture

It also:

  • Develops master planning and implementation approaches and planning
  • Arranges major tasks and key projects to help customers achieve their goals through more effective project management
  • Offers national ICT planning and basic information infrastructure architecture planning


Your business requires a cloud infrastructure that is secure, scalable, and always available with no downtime or loss of data. Organizations are also looking for a reliable and secure connection to the cloud that doesn’t rely on sending data over the public Internet. Petabyte Technology provides you with all the tools and help you need to get customers and keep them and ensures that your company’s data and applications can be accessed quickly and securely from anywhere and at any time. Our Cloud is built for your business with end-to-end performance, reliability, and security. Plus, it’s backed by service level agreements (SLAs). Bell Business Cloud services let you achieve lower overall IT costs, give you the ability to work from anywhere, over any device, and give you on-demand access to scale up and down as needed. Also, we partner with selected customers who want to see their brand grow online and in the cloud. We work with small business owners, start-ups, and established companies globally that want to dominate their marketplace, develop a strong presence online, grow their customers and keep them.


Backup solutions, data recovery, and off-site secure storage are some of the attributes that make up Petabyte Technology’s arsenal to protect your valuable data. When data recovery services are needed, our technicians react quickly and effectively to restore your data, as well as find and fix any problems that pose future risks. At Petabyte Technology, we staff highly trained and educated technicians who knows how to communicate with you and your team. We use proven processes and procedures with certified engineers to fix it right the first time. We assign each of our clients a single point of contact for quality customer services, and our depth of staff will ensure that we consistently meet your expectations. In addition to data recovery, Petabyte Technology can also help your organization with encryption requirements for HIPAA and demanding suppliers. We partner with the best ICT and Internet security companies -both local and international- to provide the best certified help available. Rest assured that we are your partner for virtually all technology solutions.


The whole world is watching when you launch a new product, conduct marketing or media events, finish year-end closing, or have any other type of critical business event. While your full attention is on making the event a success, you may need temporary, remote or on-site support for your services. Petabyte Technologies Critical Business Event Support Service is the perfect solution. The service helps prevent network disruptions that may affect your event. Before the event, Petabyte Technology engineers perform a network health check that collects information remotely and on-site for analysis. The information collection does not affect your network, so there is no business disruption. Based on the outcome, Petabyte Technology experts will suggest modifications to enhance your network’s stability and performance. We can even help you implement them. The Critical Event Support Service provides:

  • Remote and/or on-site support during critical business events
  • Preparation to make sure your network is ready and optimized
  • Faster problem resolution in case something happens


Training staff and keeping them up-to-date on the latest technologies and equipment is an ongoing responsibility. When your company receives new equipment or systems your staff needs new skills to efficiently operate, maintain, and manage them. Trying to develop those skills without help can be an expensive, time-consuming task. Petabyte Technology Dedicated Resident Engineer Service provides experienced engineers to conduct On-the-Job Training (OJT) and supplement your staff until they are fully trained. The service is also ideal when you have a short- or long-term shortage of qualified operating staff. Dedicated Petabyte Technology engineers can quickly fill your staffing gaps while training and rebuilding your new team. The Dedicated Resident Engineer Service provides:

  • Petabyte Technology Resident engineers dedicated specifically to your company
  • Direct access to extensive Petabyte Technology engineering skills and expertise
  • On-the-job training to transfer knowledge from our engineers directly to your employees
  • Shorter time-to-resolution for network problems so your network stays up and running

Petabyte Technologies Dedicated Resident Engineer Service is the flexible, fast, and cost effective way to jumpstart your team.


Things change. Perhaps your network’s traffic has grown or changed patterns. Maybe your equipment can no longer handle the load. Software may not have the latest updates or features. There are dozens of ways network performance deteriorates over time and it may be smart to check your equipment and determine how to optimize it for current and future conditions. Petabyte Technology Equipment Health Check Service analyzes many variables in network equipment and generates a comprehensive report with recommendations that can immediately enhance the performance and stability of your network.


Experienced Petabyte Technology specialists remotely compile hardware configurations and key statistics and compare them to industry benchmarks to determine how your network stands up against your peers and competitors. You’ll get recommendations for changing parameters or using different configurations that adapt equipment to current needs. If necessary, we will recommend equipment modifications such as additional memory or ports.

Expert software analysis

We can prepare an optimization plan that enhances the network by recommending overdue software updates or recommending newer software versions that sometimes include features that were not originally available.


Do you need to replace a defective hard drive or Solid-State Drive (SSD) to keep your business up and running? Do you have company data security policies that preclude handing over the drive, and its critical data, to a third party? Petabyte Technology Storage Device Retention Service will put your mind at ease. The service lets you keep your defective drive and data so you can dispose of it in compliance with your own data security policies.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is forging the digital economic era. Consumers are replacing vendors as the architects of production, and their demands are creating services from what used to be products. ICT will emerge as a factor of production rather than remain a support system, and the integration of the physical and digital worlds will deepen. IoT exists in a massive, sophisticated ecosystem that requires joint investment and collaboration between ICT solution providers, enterprises, research institutes, and governments. This in turn requires complex partnership agreements to ensure that this ecosystem thrives. We believe that partnerships can build a strong IoT ecosystem; we believe that a strong ecosystem turns the key to innovation.


Whether you own a business or need help with your home computer, tablet or smartphone, Petabyte Technology have experienced tech support to help with your every need. When you need IT solutions, you need them quickly. You expect a fast response from qualified experts who will keep your business running smoothly. As a businessperson, you have enough to worry about. Let our professionals handle your IT challenges. When there’s an emergency, you need responsiveness. We are local, meaning we are able to respond quickly and in-person. This allows us to resolve issues faster than other IT support providers. You’ll never get a cookie-cutter solution to your issues, our team is dedicated to providing customized support to make sure that you are fully satisfied. All of our techs are highly skilled. Our packages are a pay per fix, flat monthly or annual rate for silver and premium users, so you never have to worry about diagnostic, labour or hidden fees of any kind. All home support plans are backed by a money back guarantee to make sure all of your needs have been met. Tech Support Expert is ready to assist any of your technical issues. Offering a wide array of support, Petabyte Technology can handle anything from router or printer issue, to a slow PC or virus removal. You can be rest assured that our experts are ready to tackle the problem. When you contact us, you will not only obtain top quality, hassle free service, but at a low cost. Our team of experts is ready to assist you and fix your technical issues in as little as one day. Ready to see what we can do for you and your company? Contact us today to schedule a complimentary assessment of your business’ tech needs.


Petabyte Technology provides network installation services and proving to be a leader amongst local computer network companies servicing West Africa and Nigerian predominantly. Our network engineers can design & install your company’s computer network that is custom constructed and purely built to fit your business IT and security requirements. Our engineers & network installers will liaise with your company’s IT team to ensure you are kept informed throughout the entire network planning, design, and installation process. We can even provide network maintenance services on a regular schedule post installation.

Our specialist Network Installers can perform the following hardware installation & services:

  • Data cabinet & PDU installation
  • DC power system installation
  • Cat6a & Cat7 data centre network cabling
  • Fibre optic cable installation
  • Fibre and copper cable locating (F-SET, red light tester & OTDR)
  • Server & telecommunications racking
  • Network cable management systems

Our network design engineers can design, configure and install the following networking services:

  • Router & Switch configuration (CISCO & HUAWEI)
  • Firewall setup
  • Wireless router & wireless repeater installation
  • Proxy server setup
  • VOIP Business design, setup & install
  • LAN & WAN subnetting design

Every business has different requirements in relation to their network and the way they handle their voice, data & internet solutions. We are expert network advisors who can assist you with a custom network installation cost and quote. Whether your company require a brand new network install or expanding your current network we are here to give you a free no cost or obligation quote.


Petabyte Technology offers full-service web development and consulting for businesses. Our websites are professional and modern, and are proven to drive business. Your website is another location for your business. It’s important to invest the proper thought into it to convert leads into lifelong customers. Regardless of your business offerings, a well-designed website is essential to maintaining and growing your business’ presence. With more consumers starting their buying path online, your website is the first thing that many of your potential customers will see. Harness that potential with a website from Petabyte Technology. With proficiency in multiple website types including e-commerce and traditional websites, we can tailor a solution for your company’s web presence. No matter your needs, we have the resources to make your website one of your company’s most powerful selling tools. Don’t wait to create a web presence. Give us a Call today and see what we can do to help your business succeed online.

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