Petabyte Technology provides a portfolio of cost-effective, efficient, and flexible cloud data center solutions. These powerful cloud solutions are built upon proven core technologies with an open architecture that integrates software products and high-performance hardware:

Petabyte Technologies provides a variety of installations, including a container data center solution, modular data center solution, or data center consolidation and migration solution. Each solution enables customers to build highly efficient, agile, and elastic cloud data centers, and increase productivity through innovative business models. Petabyte Technologies has extensive experience in delivering cloud data centers of all sizes in a variety of industries, from carrier-class telecommunications requiring the highest reliability of 99.999{1bc09b982bc06a1b082aa3b5e2873f02c702deeb4b1aa675d49c402836639336} to individual data centers. Solutions range from private, public, distributed, and hybrid-cloud data centers ─ all types provide customers with optimized architectures, servers, storage, networking, security devices, and software products for any business.


The Network solution focuses on the mobilization of users and services during the digital transformation of enterprises, on the IoT application of production systems, and on new challenges brought by cloud-based applications. This solution is intended to create on-demand, self-service, easy-to-manage, and secure networks. This new solution uses cloud technology to simplify network management, while the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) architecture better enables cloud intelligence. The Network adheres to the concepts of “open, simple, and secure”, and is “For the Cloud, By the Cloud.” The Network is able to assist enterprises in achieving service innovation, service agility, and financial efficiency during digitization.


Petabyte Technologies BYOD solution allows for end-to-end mobile security management and flexible App release. This solution provides comprehensive security functions in terminal, transmission, App, data security and security management, striking a balance between efficiency and security. The BYOD solution provides:


We partner with industry leading companies to provide comprehensive wireless networking solutions for bandwidth-hungry applications in science, industry, and government, optimized to meet specialized requirements where reliability and performance are critical:

For resilient, high-performance, and scalable LTE infrastructure solutions, let Petabyte Technology Enterprise show you how to gain and keep the competitive edge.

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